Immense respect for Scott Frost

(gpropes) #1

Imagine Lyin’ Tom having this kind of a conversation with Duarte or someone.


Wow. That guy will have UCF fans pulling for Nebraska to succeed, which is amazing.


Amazing class act. I wish we would have had 1 or 3.

(Brad) #4

Was hoping he’d stay so I could bust out Landry Clarke from Friday Night Lights when we do the separated at birth for UCF.


Yeah, yeah, he is just another guy moving on to the next “better” job. Not impressed at all. Would be impressed if he stayed for 5 or 6 more years.

2 years, blah…save me the tears imo. He is making Millions, so for 99.9999$% of the world, that is an AMAZING dreammmm job. Every one of these guys who jump after 1 or 2 years, I hope they get fired very very quickly.

I am MOST impressed by Petersen, Patterson or Snyder (rare I know). Those guys are the guys I can have the MOST “Immense” respect for IMO. Too bad there are not more guys like them. Then college football would have more equity and less Power 5 crap imo. This guy is just furthering the problem with college sports imo.

(Marcus) #6

I used to live in Florida and have some close friends that are UCF alums. They’re all Frost fans for life. THIS is how you leave a program, and it will only benefit Nebraska as well.


So if you were head coach at say some school like FIU or Akron and UH came calling with double the money, you would say no?

Also Patterson was getting paid more at TCU than any other school would pay him (on and off the books) and only had offers/interest from schools like Minnesota and Arizona St (in 2007 Minnesota offered 2 million, he was getting more at TCU).


Not if I had told my players I was going to stay. The same players who I demanded total dedication from.


Patterson was a unique case – he didn’t really have the kind of resume that made him GMFP until TCU was already on the verge of an invite to an AQ conference. And even then, as rumor has it, he came within a razor-thin margin of moving to K-State. You don’t really find another Gary Patterson so much as another Gary Patterson just kind of happens.


I can’t blame a guy for returning to his Alma Mater to basically work for his old coach that he won a national championship with. Plus he is coaching the bowl game.


If a school gave me an opportunity to make millions a year, to be set for life, then yes, I would turn the other school down.

If I am such a good coach, another great opportunity will still be there in 5 years.

They are not doubling their McDonald s salary. They are being offered dream opportunities, so IMO, I would be more loyal than just 2 years.

But it be a Dog eat Dog I know, and UCF probably would have no problem stealing another coach who is at that school for only 2 years.

Which is why, it is hard on a fan base sometimes. I would be more loyal and I hope that these coaches would be more loyal, but those days are behind us I think unfortunately.


Sooner you accept that for coaches this is their profession better off you’ll be. I remember last year there were folks bowing up wanting to fight about Herman leaving, thinking he was different


I didn’t say “other school”, I said UH, which I am assuming is your alma mater. It might be the only chance you ever get to coach at the school you graduated from and love. Frost has been great about the whole thing and anybody saying he shouldn’t have left after two years is not looking at it logically.

(jimmyschofield) #15

It was a no-brainer for him to leave. To go back home and implement his spread-option offense with a bunch of 4 and 5 star recruits?? He can recruit nationwide. It’s not pure old school option football but it’s not pure new age pass every down spread offense either. It’s a great combination of both. He’ll have them competing for national championships sooner rather than later IMO.

(Patrick) #16

Frost took the Nebraska job last week after leading UCF to an American Athletic Conference title in his second season. He has expressed a desire to coach UCF in the Peach Bowl on Jan. 1 against No. 7 Auburn, but he said he wasn’t sure if it would happen when he spoke on the Golic and Wingo show on ESPN Radio on Friday morning.

“We want to do it,” Frost said. “We just gotta make sure both sides are OK with it, and we can work it out. It’s touchy and there’s no good way to break up. … There are a lot of things to work out. But our heart is with those kids, and those kids deserve the best chance they can to play well against Auburn. And I think that’s with us going back to coach them.”

(WRB) #17

Scott Frost is a class act. On and off the field. In today’s reality, there are a whole lot of other coach’s that should take a page or two out of his play book. Wish him well against Auburn and at Nebraska.