In appreciation of greatness


Dear lord! The kids nowadays should take a look at that. Kudos to Guy V for turning a soccer goalie into one of the greatest position big men of all time.


I love Dream… Sure would like to see him around UH more often, though…

Thanks for sharing that 51.

No sound?

Yes it has sound, it comes and goes though.

Hoping for the next Hakeem to taxi his way to the Fertitta Center.


Fixed the sound on my phone. Again THANKS!!

Good lord that spacing was horrendous back then. Couldn’t imagine what Hakeem would do in this era, with this spacing. It would be a wrap. Plus he was a good passer and would have probably been shootings 3s with his touch.

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Hakeem would have a minimum of 20 rebounds a game and 20 points on put backs.

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Guy V took a guy that never played the game and turned him into one of the finest position players of all time…in 1.5 years.


While it’s not in this clip… that one dunk by Clyde. You know the one. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn… :sunglasses:

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