Interesting about SMU and their 4-2-5


I was doing a little thinking about SMU and their 4-2-5 base. I think their defense is giving up 3.3 or 3.4 yards a rush which is outstanding. However, if you think about the 4-2-5, schematically, it should be vulnerable against the run. So I did a little digging and it turns out that their leading tacklers are a bit skewed in two positions.

Leading tacklers (solo) for SMU: Name-total-position

1.) Onu, Mikial -29-DB
2.)Mitchell, Kyran-24-LB
3.) Clemons, Rodney-24-DB
4.) Wyatt, Jordan-17-DB
5.) Lawler, Justin-16-DL
6.)Williams, Jordon-15-LB
7.)Rhone, Anthony-14-LB
8.)Sutton, Eric-10-DB
9.) Dimarya, Mixon-9-DL
10.)Shaine Hailey-8-LB

I’m going to go back and watch some of their previous games to get a better idea, but I have a hunch that we’re going to find success against their defense. If their top 10 tacklers are dominated by linebackers and DBs, that means teams are getting to the second level with their Oline and able to get hands on the DBs and Backers. It also could mean that WRs are running free in the secondary. Again, I’m not sure, but this could quite possibly be the case. I will say this about their run defense averages. They might be a tad bit inflated due to varying competition level.

SFA avg. 2.1 against SMU
UNT avg. 2.6 against SMU
TCU avg. 5.6 against SMU
Arkansas State avg. 4.9 against SMU
Uconn avg. -0.2 against SMU

Now that it can be concluded that better competition equals more success against their run defense, let’s avg. the weaker teams’ rushing and better teams’ rushing yards.
SFA+UNT+UConn= 4.5/3 =1.5 yards allowed per rush

Arkansas State+TCU=10.5/2= 5.25

What we have here folks is a run defense stat-line that’s inflated due to easier competition (I hope). If you’re truly giving up 5.25 yards a carry, DBs and LBs will be your leading tacklers on the team. That’s not stopping the run, that’s allowing teams to get to the second level consistently. I’m feeling more and more confident about running the ball against SMU.

Go Coogs!


Their DBs could have been crowding the box against the weaker teams, which would have failed miserably vs TCU. Also, I just noticed that all of SMUs wins have come on their home field. Hmmm.


Exactly! I know it’s going to be a fight, but we might be selling ourselves short a bit. lol I’m going to look at chunk plays they’ve given up vs the run and see who’s making the tackles. We might be onto something. lol


Nice work, xsmithcoog. Good stuff!


I apologize in advance if we’re not allowed to post images.

1A.)Notice the backers in the double A gap. Corners playing cushion.

1B.) RB get’s outside backers are getting caught in traffic.

1C.) Contact isn’t made until 9 yards down the field. Guess who? A defensive back.

2A.) On the next play, I’m not sure if in 4-2-5 or rotated to 3-3-5, but as my grandpa says “check me out” lol

2B.) It looks like the same mistake; the backers are getting lost in the traffic and swallowed up by linemen.

2C.) Contact isn’t made until 8 or 9 yards down the field.

3A.) Later on, same mess. Look at the middle of the field.

3B.) Now watch the backers

3C.) Running back get’s outside and he’s gone! lol

3D.) Look where contact is made and where the play ends.

I know this is just UNT but if SMU stays in their base defense, we are going to have some opportunities on the outside with RPOs. I’d imagine Arkansas State and TCU had the same type of success. I can easily find out if need be.


Just trying to earn my keep. haha

(Patrick) #7

Poor containment. We should be able to find yards on the ground. If we can’t, gone be a long season.

Nice job

(Monte P Gilliam) #8

Just look back at our last 4 home games against the Ponies…We have whipped their butts, big time…This is a payback revenge game…Holy cow, even Levine won his payback game against SMU, 34-0…We crushed 5 star QB Garrett Gilbert and the Ponies that day…
We are going to whip those people…mark me…