Interesting comments by Applewhite

…during his NSD presser, "Bryson Smith is what you need, in my opinion, in offensive football nowadays. Guys, like myself, don’t last very long. You have to be able to get out of a bad play. If the guy upstairs calls a bad play, I need to be able to do something to improvise. That is what Greg Ward Jr. provided us and what Bryson Smith provided John Tyler and he will continue to grow and develop underneath offensive coordinator Brian [Johnson] in the offense.”

Yet another vote for the dual threat QB. For as much as everyone is saying the starting spot is Allen’s, we’ll have to see. He was listed as the #1 Pro style passer in 2015 so I wonder how his scrambling ability is? Will the offense not use the zone read option with him leading the way? The spring and summer should be fun! #GoCoogs


I think you are reading too much into that comment. Pocket passers have not been successful in CFB for some time now. CMA is more than likley indicating that a QB today has to be mobile and be able to adjust when a play breaks down. Allen isn’t Ward fast by any means, but he can move around. However, D’Eriq King will push him.


Of course the coach is going to emphasize the recruit’s strengths on signing day.

In the past, Applewhite said he’ll devise the scheme around the talents of the players.

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Allen wasn’t much of a runner at A&M and certainly wasn’t anywhere close to the man he replaced (Manziel).

However, his high school profile noted that he had athleticism and could move if needed. At A&M, at least from some videos I’ve seen, he could move around when needed and could also throw on the run.

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