Interesting Proposal to Sweeten Future TV Negotiations

(Cary) #1

I know everyone loves these topics, so I thought I would post one that I actually found quite interesting. A Tulsa fan posted this over on the AAC board at CSNBBS.


Sign byu and army to a similar deal notre dame has with the acc. Boost everyones tv money, share bowl slots.

7-10 million a team is what we are looking at right now. Add those two in and its closer to 10-11 million.

I was thinking the same thing. Army and BYU want independence but do have some type of value. A poor man’s version of ND relationship with ACC and Big East before.

Team up for bowl tie in negotiations and maybe say 2-3 games per year in Non- Conference AAC games and both sides would gain value I would think.

I again advocate for byu and army for 4 games. Byu 3 in the west and 1 vs east. Army 3 vs east 1 vs west. Keep travel down, develop some rivalries, still good variety by rotating through the opposite division.

Add vcu and dayton for olympic sports to tighten up the east geography and build a monster bball conference. The extra ncaa credits would easily be worth it. Every school would have a well matched travelling partner.

The Army/Navy game should be wrapped into negotiations, or did they already extend the current rights? That game is a cash-cow.

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(Patrick) #2

I like the idea.

Army-Navy game just got extended though so that wouldn’t be included.


I’m sure Army would be in as it would greatly improve their schedule. I wonder about BYU since they have some pretty nice schedules set up already. Looking at 2020 for them, they have 6 P5s, and strong G5s in Boise St, SDSU, Northern Illinois, Utah St. In 2021 they have 7 P5s along with Boise and USF.

(PMM) #4

Now, all they need is a coach !!!


I am good with Army and BYU joining.

(Cary) #6

In this case, they wouldn’t be joining. They would be agreeing to a lose affiliation with the conference that would allow us all to negotiate together for television rights, bowls affiliations, and scheduling purposes that ease the burden on their athletic departments…


I would be fine either way. Army for football only and BYU for all sports. Add another Wichita State type basketball program to even things out.

The AAC is really growing on me. I like this conference, I would like some more money but I like the AAC.

The only problem is making the Army Navy game a conference game when it is traditionally the last game of the season.


Only issue I have with BYU for all sports is they won’t play on Sunday.

(Ben B) #9

You mean they have 8 P6 teams and Boise

(Cary) #10

Why is that an issue? They should be praised for being faithful to their beliefs.


The problem is most if not all other schools do schedule games on Sunday. Our standard conference weekend series in baseball is an evening game on Friday, an evening game on Saturday, and an early afternoon game on Sunday. By not playing on Sunday forces either play a double header on Saturday of have a two game series.

(Cary) #12

Not a big issue if it means increased revenue. No one would even bat an eye. Currently BYU plays a Thurs Fri Sat series with most schools.


The American has made huge strides. We currently have three teams that are ranked. Everything is trending very well.

What its missing is signature games. Army Navy in the American Conference is a no brainer. A blue Cougar versus red Cougar game coukd be one as well.


Counting Navy, we draw about 33M viewers per year for our football home inventory. This is about 30 games worth.

ESPN currently pays the Pac 12 $125M a year for 22 football games and 46 basketball games. In 2016, the Pac 12 delivered 39M football viewers to ESPN.

Extrapolating, we might get as much as $100M a year from ESPN for our football & basketball rights. That’s $8M per year per school.

I can see it being as low as $5M per year per school.

Anything above $8M would be a miracle.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

Unless we are adding two top tier G5’s like Boise State and BYU, I say we stay where we are at. Many conference teams have up their budgets and competitiveness in football. Basketball adding Wichita State was a huge get. The next TV deal will be better. We probably could get an even better deal if teams agreed to a huge buyout for leaving for a P5 conference. I know most UH fans would hate that but having several teams constantly mentioned for realignment does affect long term TV contracts.

(Eric Prado) #16

I’d be for the buyout if we gained two more teams for all sports.

(Al) #17

I’m told (janitor’s second cousin 5X married with an expired visa) that BYU simply has no interest in the AAC. Why should they? They have a great contract just extended through 2019 AND their own tv network.They are holding out for B12 slot, but ESPN has them just where they want them PAC out of the question.

(Cary) #18

Again… for the third time… It is not to “join” the AAC. As with Notre Dame, they would maintain their home TV contract with ESPN. So it would make sense for them and Army.


I’m for any arrangement that increases the marketability and profile of the AAC.


My bad, still working on the “P6”. If we keep saying it over and over, people will just start believing it. A recent presidential run showed us it works.