Investing in Education | Inside Bauer Magazine: Fall-Winter2017

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Robert Wayne Payne is 88 now, living in a retirement community in Houston, and he continues to hold fast to principles that have sustained him. His reasons for creating the Payne Teaching Excellence Award at Bauer College with his late wife Kathryn are pretty simple.

“I got a scholarship to go to a university in Missouri. And I always appreciated it,” he says.

“What is it they say, ‘You’re blessed to be a blessing?’ I want to give current students an opportunity to receive a good education. I was the beneficiary of a good education, which allowed me opportunities for success in my career.”

Several years ago, the Paynes established a student scholarship at their alma mater, University of Central Missouri, then went on to generously fund higher education at the University of Houston. In 1989, they created an endowment fund that recognizes exemplary faculty at Bauer College for their work in the classroom.

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