Is anyone here invested in Bitcoin or other compute coins?

I am plowing though a 15 page paper on what it is. I am still not sure if I should invest in it but the profit margins are just huge but then so are the loss margins.

Its not my thing but my wife does.

You can ask away and I’ll have her answer.

Outside of bitcoin and Ephrem are there any other alternative coins that are worth buying in her opinion.

I’'ll ask her tomorrow.


Those seem to be the preferred currencies for money launderers.

Bitcoin is down over 10% since last summer. I have a feeling it has kind of peaked.

Sorry Delmar, I forgot to get with my wife until tonight.

She assumes you mean Ethereum vs Ephrem. She says search for Teeka Tiwari, Tom Draper and Mike Novogratz for their recommendations for coin investments. Follow John McAffe (same person who owns the virus software) on Twitter for coin recommendations. These are the top coin investers that my wife follows. She has been educating herself over the past 4 to 5 years and investing in coins for about 3 years.

My wife primarily focuses on a health related cryptocurrency.

Hopefully this helps.

I buy a little bitcoin every other week or so off Coinbase. Basically every time there is a significant dip and I have extra cash. I see it as a way to diversify my savings and at some point I will find it more convenient to use crypto over cash for certain purchases.

I’m no expert but here’s what I understand: Basically it removes the need for a third party bank or govt to guarantee and verify transactions. Transactions are anonymous unless you can tie a person to a wallet, and they are logged on the blockchain which is public, decentralized (stored on nodes which are just random people’s computers), and open source. The blockchain is the important part imo. The idea that anonymous transactions can be made and verified without third party oversight at a mass scale is revolutionary and empowers the consumer.

I don’t approach it with the hopes of getting rich quick because the crypto market is crazy volatile and almost entirely speculative. It has value because of it’s potential and the more companies that accept crypto as payment, the more legitimate it becomes and the more valuable it becomes. But if everyone is just using it as an investment vehicle, then it just becomes magical internet tokens that no one uses and doesn’t have any real value. But if you’re up for speculative trading then yeah people get rich doing it, but they also lose their asses. A lot of people took their own lives when the price crashed from 19,000 to 3,000 because people were going all in on it.

Like I said, I’m no expert but that’s my 2 satoshis.

It’s up 55% over the last year. Up 8,405% all time.

Not financial advice but stick with Bitcoin or Ethereum, IMO. Unless you’re just looking to gamble, but those two are volatile enough as it is.

Altcoins are more often than not just pump & dump schemes. The “news” that drives those markets is laughable at best. Bitconnect, anyone? Wassa wassa wassuuuup?

You’re right, I was looking at since June when it was between 11-12k and it now 8900. May 2019 was a huge gain.

I don’t go all in on any stock in my portfolio. Although my eldest son, that I have done so on one that has been paying good dividends since 2001.

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