Is Applewhite our Clay Helton

People were not happy with Helton hire after Sark. Not a splashy hire some thought.

Well, he has done a really good job this season. I am sure the folks are happy now and the future looks rosy with their freshman QB.


pretty good comparison…

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Yep, Clay’s really turned USC around. People wanted him fired 2 games into this season and now USC may finish in the Top 5.

By the way, rooting for the Trojans when they take on our good buddies in Austin next year. Be funny if Helton gives the Cougar Paw after beating them.


Or not :confounded:

Did Applewhite’s dad nearly destroy a football program?


Helton apparently has some great coordinators, like Tee Martin as OC.

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Is Applewhite Clay Helton?

Goodness gracious I hope not.

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Why is Penn State throwing way down field? 35 seconds and 2 timeouts and need 30 yards for a FG and you throw 2 straight passes 30 yards down field…1st should have been picked and the 2nd was picked and returned 40 yards.

Just dumb.

And then Clay runs a draw up the middle and goes for the FG with 24 seconds left after USC diced up PSU on the last try. Man…coaches :confounded:

Wild finish. Much more entertaining than the Las Vegas Bowl. :slight_smile:

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Made it…good for Clay. Great game.

As I was saying…


Love coach was on the field at the end. Game Clay a hug after the ESPN interview.

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penn state SHOULD NOT be in a position to play for a bowl game.

The very fact that the ncaa changed their mind on the penn state scandal speaks volume of what they really stand for. THEY DO NOT GIVE ONE HUMAN THOUGHT FOR THE VICTIMS and THEIR FAMILIES.
The ncaa aligns themselves with the Allstate community award. What a freaking joke.

Yes the players were not there when it happened. What do you say to the other programs that got the death or near death penalty? What they did does not even come close to what penn state, the City of Happy Valley and the State of Pennsylvania did. penn state should still be on probation or at least starting from zero.
Forever the penn state football program will be tainted. That is what happens when a cover up of this magnitude/proportion happens.


cough cough Baylor cough cough

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Neither Baylor nor Penn State should be allowed to play in a bowl for at least 10 years. These were not petty infractions.

As for players not having been there, that is because these programs were allowed to move forward as though they had been involved in minor infractions. Just say “Oops” and all is forgiven.

Back in the 80s A&M and UT colluded to put UH on a major probation just a step from the Death Penalty over petty infractions merely because we were wrecking their control of the SWC. Imagine what would have been handed down for infractions such as those by Baylor and Penn State.

And just to add insult to injury, Baylor is now stealing recruits from us. Let that roll around in your head.

Different time. In those days, no one really fought the NCAA because they wanted to keep that air of being able to discipline schools. However, when the NCAA had to start going after the big fish, now everyone fights them. Look at what’s going on at UNC; they have an academic scandal that could potentially cost them their accreditation due to fake classes going back decades, and they are basically just throwing their middle finger up at the NCAA and telling them to go away. Penn State did the same and won. Lot of folks think USC was punished too harshly for violations that far exceeded what UH had. Even Baylor is all but daring the NCAA to come in and do something because they know they can fight it forever and probably only see limited damage.

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