Is Cougar Football feeling Levinish?

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The more I think about it. I’m wrong. Levine won his bowl game and did well in recruiting.

So based on that you wish we would’ve kept Levine? Jesus its only been a month under Applewhite.


I voted No. The only similarities I do see are:

  1. Very disappointing season end under a former head coach that was shopping his talents when we needed him focused on getting UH into a marquee bowl game.

  2. The hire was one of Continuity and not a “splashy” hire.

Other than that, I don’t see much in the way of similarities.

The former coach was unproven as a HC when hired - more well-known than Sumlin and Briles on the national level but still a gamble like Major. Maybe in hindsight the prior coach felt like a higher profile hire after the first season. I think Major suffers from the parade of candidates that were linked to the job and it makes the hire feel riskier and more of a head - scratcher than it really is.

Major had 1 of the 2 Key coordinator positions under the former coach [not Special Teams]

Major is seemingly well-known across the state and connected to high school coaches that appears to surpass Levine when he was promoted.

I wanted Levine to succeed as much as I want Major to succeed [even though neither was my #1 choice for the job at the time since I preferred both DCs and even Gibbs in between…I see a pattern here] but I don’t get that the constant comparison except for my first 2 points.


No way was I ever in favor of Levine. As soon as he was hired I told Dickey how pissed I was with the hire. I’ll give major a chance but the process on how he was hired is Very questionable.

Kind of silly to even make the connection when the team hasn’t taken the field. That’s where Levine clearly fell short, not in January.


I’d say the regression is officially on. 4 months ago we had back to back wins over FSU and OU. Today, we’re coming off a blowout defeat in a crap bowl against a G5, and 2 weeks before signing day we sit on 11 commits.

Don’t be surprised whenever we’re picked to finish 4th in the AAC West next year, because it’s coming.

It’s feeling Applewhite-ish and we don’t know what that means yet, just like two years ago we didn’t know what Herman-ish meant. Calm down


Regression? We haven’t played a game! That bowl game was screwed from the coaching exodus and you know it. Herman did it with Levine and Sumlin 2 & 3 stars. Calm down




13 commits.

If you think this staff resembles a Levinish type start, you’re clueless. Even if we didn’t have a single new 3 star commit, we would have twice as many 3+ stars as that year. Even if you don’t like a couple of the hires, all of our coordinators have experience at the FBS level and both play callers have experience as a play caller at the FBS level.

I’m not even sure why people keep bringing up Levine’s bowl game. Do people keep forgetting the debacle at Penn State going on before the bowl game? Probably the only reason they didn’t cancel the game was to avoid getting sued by the bowl.


I’m ok with Levnish recruiting, just not Levinish coaching. That will be the MAJOR KEY DIFFERENCE.


This is such a silly thread.
CTL’s 1st class consisted of (per ESPN):
3 four-stars- Greenberry, Donald Hopkins, Mac Long
5 three-stars- Bryan Singleton, Trevon Stewart, and Tomme Mark were three of them
5 two-stars- none produced
1 one-star- Adrian McDonald
10 NR- Ryan Jackson, Cameron Malveaux, Steven Taylor, and William Jackson were the only ones that stuck
1 Transfer

CMA’s class so far:
10 three-stars out of 13 commits

In other words you can waste your time looking at stars, but at the end of the day some of our best players were 3-stars or less. As long as CMA can get these kids coming in to produce at a high level and avoid the embarrassing losses we should be in great shape.


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