It is sad and awesome at the same time

We don’t know for sure that Cole is gone, Luhnow and Crane have surprised me before. Were I the GM, I would do everything I could to keep Cole, even if it meant trading Correa. Correa is hell when he’s well, but he just isn’t well often enough. He plays about half a season, but gets full season pay.

Just out of curiosity, why did we let Charlie Morton go?

While talking pitchers, my all time favorite is Warren Spahn, 363-245 lifetime record with career 3.09 ERA, 2 time Cy Young winner. He would start 36-38 games and come in relief in some others. It was common for him to have 20+ complete games, he won 20 games or more in 13 seasons, including a 23–7 record when he was 42 years old. He did all that while taking off 3 years to serve in WWII and was awarded a Purple Heart fighting in Europe, including Battle of the Bulge.


Spahn then Spain then pray for rain.

Spahn was an incredible pitcher in the day.

Actually, it was “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain”. (Johnny Sain)

Agree Aldine…I am worried about THIS game…I feel we might lose this one. I hope I am wrong, but 2018 is still in the head after watch last two games.

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Correct! Then along came RH Pitcher Lou Burdette. I became a big Milwaukee Braves fan in the mid 1950’s and loved both the pitching and the hitting - RF Hank Aaron, LF Bobby Thomson, 3B Eddie Matthews, 1B Joe Adcock, C Del Crandall…

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Grienke is a rock solid starter that had one rough start.

The 2019 regular season Astros were definitely better than the 2017 Astros. The postseason remains to be seen.

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Playoffs are always about defense, i.e., pitching and fielding for baseball. The Astros are all about pitching. I’m encouraged that TB in game 4 had 8 base runners over that last 4.1 innings with no damage so the bullpen performed. The bats came alive in the 9th and there was a chance to tie. We’re a clutch hit away from maybe closing out game 4. Your hottest pitcher takes the mound in the WTA match. Springer showed some life and he’s the catalyst for the offense. Go ‘stros! Go Coogs!

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Joe Adcock’s sister taught me 11th grade English. She had been a Golden Girl at LSU and was absolutely beautiful. Like about every other guy in school, I was in love with her.

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Nah, man… Sorry to burst your bubble but he’s most likely gone.

There is a name from the past.

Big Joe Adcock, first baseman for the Milwaukee Braves in the late ‘50’s.

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Astros in seven.