It's official: UH is a basketball school


Until.further notice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ball is on your court football… You got NeXt ??!


well good thing they’re both not going on at the same time… but don’t forget about baseball.


Baseball has always had the talent but can never been able to lived up to lofty rankings or sustained it during duration of a season. Maybe this season will be diffetent. Their roster looks loaded.


There aren’t many schools that have strong programs in Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, and Football. If football gets back to where I suspect it will, we will be in very select company.

(jim) #6

If we are going to be a basketball school now is the time to do it.


Get used to it guys. The rest of our home games are sold out basically with a very few scattered in the expensive seats in the lounge section. Only way you could buy a regular seat for this season will be by a third party site.

(Dan) #8

Hoops doesn’t have nearly as much of the P5/G5 drama that football does, so being a basketball school is just fine with me. Win 23 games in a season and you have a shot against the blue bloods in the tournament that’s all you can ask for is a chance. Win more and you get a better seed and an easier road.


We now have an highly competitive, nationally ranked basketball program after 30 years of mediocrity.

We’re just getting back to where we belong in the college basketball world.

Hopefully, Sampson and staff have resurrected the BB dominance in us that’s been asleep since PSJ.

I cannot articulate how thrilled I am for UH BB, the university, grads, students an fans.

(Tom Green) #10

Imo they have underperformed over last 5 yrs or so. Not being able to host regional more often n then not making it to Super regionals. But this isn’t Baseball section so wont get too long w it. Was just surprised Whitting got an extension. There ranked in that in that #30-50 line again which is why i don’t feel he has taken them to next level and should be ranked top 25 going into each year. ECU is better baseball program right now , then UCF, then UH would follow in AAC pecking order imo. #NeedToStepUp


We now have a national BB team. We are in every conversation every day.
T&F is a national power.
Baseball is a national team.
Football is below our standards, but I can tell you as someone who travel nationally each week, everyone knows who we are, and are now in good hands.
Women’s teams are getting there, softball is solid, BB is getting there, soccer?

We are a national university, which is why our B12 neighbors hate us and fear us.


Our Basketball Team is too good for the (weak) Big12…we are above them peasants…lol!

(Tom Green) #13

I put the Basketball and T&F programs in very good status currently and on track to be able to sustain for near future. Everyone else has work to do to get to that Top 1-20 level including Baseball which I mentioned already. #GoCoogs