Jarreau update

(Patrick) #41

Ulric Maligi had a lot to do with that class.

(Jimmy Morris) #42

I don’t consider it a lack of class if an athlete that has an obvious future in professional basketball gives UH a chance and then transfers to a higher profile, more successful basketball program after experiencing the dumpster fire known as James Dickey basketball. Young, Thomas and House did nothing wrong in my eyes.


The strange thing about those transfers to me was enduring all the losing under Dickey then deciding to transfer when a high profile, very successful coach with very obvious NBA ties was coming in. My first thought when those guys transferred was, why are they so tied to Dickey? I suppose it’s possible they wanted to up their chances at getting drafted by going to higher profile schools, but I don’t believe any of those guys ended up getting drafted. Transferring seemed like a waste of time and effort to me. But to each his own.

Edit to add: If I remember correctly, Sampson was pleading with those guys to not transfer before he arrived and could meet with them (at least Thomas and House), but they bolted before he got here. They never even gave him a chance and I really can’t understand why.

(Patrick) #44

They would have had to sit out a year if they had transferred while Dickey was still coach as they had no excuse with the NCAA to leave. With Dickey leaving, they were able to transfer without sitting out a year since they could claim hardship with the NCAA at the time (the NCAA has started to clamp down on these excuses). They weren’t happy here and were being recruited to go other places behind the scenes.

Young left the year before because Michael Young was demoted.

(Russel ) #45

I think we got off track here just a bit lol…When Jarreau does come back and is fully healthy what do yall think our lineup will look like to close out games? Would we start and finish with a 4 guard lineup?

(Jimmy Morris) #46

I feel like if they stayed, even Sampson couldn’t make the team NCAA caliber in just one year. Sure we might have seen more success earlier, but these guys had the choice between helping build an NIT caliber team in front of 2k to 4k crowds or play their final years on NCAA caliber teams in front of 5k to 11k crowds.


You’re correct. Sumlin certainly couldn’t have done it. :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #48

Probably depends on the match-ups or who is playing well. Sampson doesn’t usually have a set lineup for end of games, but I’d imagine Robinson, Brooks, and Davis will be on the floor unless they are in foul trouble, hurt, or just having an off night on offense and defense.

Beyond that, we’ll probably see White (once he’s in playing shape) and Gresham get minutes late along with Hinton and Jarreau as well.

(Russel ) #49

The blessings of having great depth! Ill tell you what Sampson without a doubt has built this team for the long run!

(Patrick) #50

Definitely. This team is so versatile and it only gets better from here.

(Jimmy Morris) #51

Dammit. Second time this year I’ve typed one name while thinking of the other.


(Tom Green) #52

He was at the game Saturday.

(PMM) #53

That is why I always smelled a rat !! Glad nothing came from their recruitment, but when you are losing, the profile is lower.


I saw Chicken at several football games. He was always pleasant and gracious toward my then 6 year old son, high-fiving him, etc.


House wouldn’t have made a difference in our number of wins but Thomas could have.

(Gerald) #56

If Sampson would have gotten him to play defense, he would have.

(Patrick) #57

House would have been a better NBAer if he had learned defense under CKS. Hasn’t had much luck on that side of the ball so far.

(Randy Randel) #58

He never would have bought in to CKS


(Randy Randel) #60

Lol for sure!

Back to original topic, I saw enough of Deeky in the opener to see he should make a huge impact