Jason Phillips update

(gpropes) #1

Gary Andersen didn’t like his offensive coaching staff too much, it appears.

(Jimmy Morris) #2

Decent possibility at the end of the year, we may be needing a WR coach.

(zx504) #3

loved him as a player but he’s had ZERO success at his coaching stops - don’t understand why so many think he’s a great coach - loyalty OK I understand, but he hasn’t shown he can have success as a coach - I do wish him the best success possible

(PortlandCoog) #4

I disagree… I thought he was good here as a Co-OC/WR/Recruiting Coordinator, 2008–2011.

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I expect they throw some numbers into our needed WR style overhaul next few seasons.
Next WR coach needs a proven recruiter.

(Chris) #6

We have everything to gain to have Jason coming in. Could he come as an advisor? I have no idea what his current contract is but our WR’s need help. Another pair of eyes might be very beneficial. Johnson not agreeing with it? Too bad, our WR’s are not playing well. This is about U of H and it is about the future of this Team.

(Patrick) #7

Not sure I’d put a whole lot of blame on Phillips for this one. He just got there in January after a stint with Kansas.

I doubt Phillips ends up here. Guiton’s pretty popular with the kids/recruits and they aren’t going to dump him when he didn’t have a spring with the team.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

Jason has a knack of finding jobs with coaches on their way out. That being said, I don’t think he has proven himself as an offensive coordinator or great recruiter. He does have plenty of experience as a receiver and as a receiver coach though. The same can’t be said about our grad assistant turned WR coach.

(J V ) #9

Who did he recruit while here?

(Jimmy Morris) #10

You might have misread what I said. I said he wasn’t a great recruiter but despite that he has a lot of experience as a receiver and a receiver’s coach.

To answer your question though, his 3* recruits at UH were DT Rodney Williams, WR DeAndre Perry, WR Jordan Jolly and QB Terrance Broadway.


what??? he was our WR coach from briles to sumlin…his recievers were the most prolific in UH history…in 2011 we had a 2000yd reciever and 2 other 1000yds guys in 1 season

(Chris) #12

He is still with OSU so it is a mute point for now. Our Johnson - Guiton tandem is not working right now. I sure that they will prove me wrong. In case Jason becomes available Major should look at bringing him. Guiton is well received by the WR’s? Great but TD’s matters first.
Imo his offensive philosophy would be a big plus to Major’s. Offenses always evolve.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Your reply confuses the heck out of me.


WR play is a function of the entire offense. We can get the “right” guy at WR coach but we’re going to need a QB next year to get them the ball. I think we’re in panic mode on this one. Half a season isn’t enough time to tell.


lol i replied the wrong post

(Brad) #17

FTMFW!!! YES, the legend continues!!!


From the article…

Andersen (Sept. 20): “I hired the wrong (expletive) guys and are still working our way through a bunch of recruiting years that stunk!! It’s year three! If these (expletives) can’t get it right I will not just say fire them and start over!! That’s not the way to go about it. If I (expletive) it up that bad I will take the bullet and ride off into the sunset! I will stay old school!! I will not die doing this (expletive)!! Stay tuned!”

Dude was frustrated with his help. Even talked about paying coaches out of his own pocket.

(Chris Vaughan) #19

He’s one of the best, if not the best WR coach in the business. Period.