Jeff Lebby to UCF as QB coach

(zx504) #1

Former Baylor running backs coach / passing game coordinator Jeff Lebby is joining the program as quarterbacks coach, per Bradnon Helwig.

Isn’t he Art Briles’ son-in-law?

Where’s all the outrage over that hire?

(Cary) #2

If his name was Jeff Briles, people would care and suddenly realize they are supposed to be morally outraged.

Are there any Baylor coaches that don’t have a job other than Art and I think Phil Bennett?


Phil Bennett was the asu dc last year. Of course, there was no moral outrage about that hire.

(sarkcoog) #4

Phil Bennett was DC at Arizona State last year.


I don’t care what other other schools do. I just kind of shake my head. I have no skin in their game. UH matters to me which is why I bother chiming in from time to time.

(Cary) #6

I was honestly asking if all the Baylor staff was re-employed other than Briles. I don’t know. I don’t really pay attention to what other schools are doing or there staffs, especially Baylor. I couldn’t even tell you who was coaching there at the height of the scandal other than Art. I didn’t even know Kendal was on staff until he was brought up in the news.

I think I have been pretty clear on my position that I’m not enamored with the hires due to perception and the fact that there were other qualified and baggage-less candidates available, nor am I morally outraged due to lack of clarity on what really happened internally at Baylor, i.e. who did what or didn’t do what in this case. I believe KB’s & RC’s lack of public contrition is understandable. Their lawyers would have told them to shut the hell up about anything Baylor.

My concern is what might happen moving forward from here. They are on staff, period. Some of the case related stuff involving the scandal is hitting the courts this year, specifically in Oct. If things go south in court, it will be during the season. Do we really want that kind of attention on our program and on our school at that time? I think that is a legitimate concern. My guess is during the season, you’ll never see KB or RC in front of a mic.


Nothing from the “scandal” will ever ever hit the courts. All will be settled before.

(Patrick) #8

Otherwise known as “the Baylor way”