Jeremy Winchester Leaving the Team?


Anyone know if there’s any truth to this? I’m not a huge Winchester fan, but we can’t really afford to lose depth in this area.


I hate rumors


Agree on both. If true I think that it would be related to all the incoming transfers/talent.


still listed on the current roster. If he is Sr. Has he graduated yet?

(Patrick) #5

Those guys usually have some good sources so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s correct. As far as I know, he hasn’t graduated, but he might be able to this spring.

We’re decent at CB with or without him with Myres & Johnson both returning and Small and Smith both healthy. Good chance that Winchester was going to see less time, especially with a new CB coach, as he hasn’t shown improvement during his time here.

If he is gone, I wish him luck and hope he finds a good landing spot.

(jimmyschofield) #6

My first true “insider” info; I’ve also heard he’s gone. From a very reliable source as well. I agree with Patrick. I wish him well in his future endeavors, but we’re ok at the position. Young DB’s needed to step up regardless.

(Patrick) #7

(Alfred Matthews) #8

eh…we still need to bring in a grad transfer. isiah johnson could actually be our number 1 cb. not sure how i feel about that.

(Monte P Gilliam) #9

Johnson and Myers were our best corners LAST year. I would expect good senior years out of both…some freshmen coming in could step up and contribute too, hopefully.

(Tom) #10

This really bummed me out and sad to see him leave the program. Was rooting for an experienced Jeremy to anchor our secondary this season.
He was great against Oklahoma, Loiseville and was good enough to play for Coach Orlando as a freshman


I am indifferent about it and I think it is because he did show so much promise as a freshman against Oklahoma and Louisville, but then has seemed to regress over the past two years. Last year specifically he showed significant immaturity and had two significant penalties which were critical and lead to turn in momentum and I think costing us a game in one situation.

Of course I never want to see any Coog leave the program and I have much respect for them, but I think this situation is probably similar to Colin Wilder. I think that the new people coming in have a lot more ability/talent and are slowly working themselves into more and more playing time. Colin and Jeremy see the writing on the wall and figure they should get out now versus wasting (in there eyes) a year of eligibility. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that two people leaving the team happen to be from the same part of the field. I think this means that we likely become much better in that area, which despite the loss is a good thing.

(Mike Higdon) #12

It’s now official and he has been removed from the roster. Oh well, I wish him well and time to move on.