Jim Nantz to broadcast his first UH game thanks to Kelvin Sampson, Cougars

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Back in early November at a filming for the Game of the Century documentary, UH alum and legendary broadcaster Jim Nantz informed Sampson that he would broadcast the AAC tournament semifinals for CBS.

“Respectfully ask you to make sure you win your first game to get to Saturday,” Nantz told Sampson.

In a 33-year career, Nantz has never been on a broadcast for a UH football or basketball game.

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I just wish I could watch it, CBS…


One of the greatest and most loyal of all Cougars.

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Local KHOU? I missed the first half thinking we started at 3:30.

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Don’t forget to spring forward tonight.


For those of you that for some reason can’t pick up KHOU11 like me, from Kingwood…you can play it for free on your laptop / personal computer without having to pay for the streaming content…(not like ESPN content, where you have to pay to watch)…See below:

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