Jordan Carmouche

(Eric) #1

Listed on the defensive two deep by Duarte. I remember when we were recruiting him as a LB and he went to SMU to be a RB…

I can’t find anything else that actually says he is on the team. Any info here?

(Ben B) #2

I wonder if he walked on. Looks like he was at Navarro JC.


his twitter says UH football

(Patrick) #4

Carmouche was with the Coogs in the Spring and JD mentioned that the coaches were impressed with him in his LB preview back in April. Not sure why he wasn’t added to the official roster, but they really haven’t made many changes to it since the beginning of the spring. Guessing there will be a big update in two days.

The Cougars have also been impressed with Jordan Carmouche, the former Manvel product who played running back at SMU before transferring to Navarro College