Jumpman Coming to FB next?

The women’s team will be Jumpman next season, so anything is possible.

Would be really nice for the branding! I am sure it helps Kelvin with recruiting. The swag the kids get is another nice perk. There is definitely some smoke…

Them boys definitely up to somethin’


I think the guys at underarmour and Adidas get better stuff visually. Have no idea on quality. No one compares to OU and Oregon stuff imo.

OU is Jumpman and Oregon is the main Nike school

Exactly…desperation because they aren’t taking us seriously or confidence because he knows he has it UH JUMPMAN already secured and is just waiting for the official announcement.

Yeah Im aware but even the other Jumpman schools don’t compare in stuff imo. And the Nike Oregon stuff i completely get just saying their stuff is elite. I think under and Adidas have better stuff though. Like cinci i think is under and their stuff is nice. atm and miami have nice stuff but I’m being biased because I think ultra boost is one of the most comfortable shoes ever made.

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