Just do it

This is for everyone complaining yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Art Williams came with this way before nike did,

Let’s go friends.


Thanks for sharing.:sunglasses:

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OK I did it. Renewed my season tickets this morning!


The football season is brewing is anyone pumped up?
I am.
Do you think our players are?
Do you think our players feel your energy?
Grab, contact every U of H alum that you know.
Get them pumped up. They will get pumped up.
We are all in this together friends. Just do your part.



Come on friends. The weekend is coming up. Look at it at two days of recruiting. We all win in this.

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Wait Joe, last year didn’t you say you weren’t doing it anymore? I guess I could be wrong, but I thought I remembered you saying something like that and someone else, maybe Larry, said yes you would. :wink:

Well, I know Jack and Yvonne that sit behind me are, and Joe and Doreen who sit next to me are, and I sure as heck am. I’ve renewed my tickets and they are/did also. We just have to wait and be patient; September will eventually get here. Meanwhile I have the Astros to give me something to be distracted by.

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