Just trying to remember

When was the last time a UH Home Football game started at 2:30 or 4:00 p.m.on a Saturday ?

Tulane 2 years ago

Seems like it was back at Robertson Stadium days.

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Definitely. There aren’t many anymore

This year because of the start time for the Arizona game, the LSAT that was scheduled for that day got “moved” to November. That move will prevent students from meeting the early application deadlines for many law schools. This is how much impact ESPN has when they get to set kickoff times for the paltry payouts given to the AAC. A 2:30 or 7 pm time would have worked better. I guess you could argue against a 2:30 time in September from a heat standpoint but there’s no reason for not playing a night game.

As much as I despise the power and influence of ESPN, the decision to move the LSAT was not made by ESPN. If a football game influenced the move, hate to say it but somebody made a poor decision.


So many questions.

  1. Do you have a link to the schedule change announcement and when it was made?
  2. Who makes this kind of decision?
  3. Tell me it wasn’t about some students missing the game?
  4. If a 2:30 time would have been OK, why couldn’t the LSAT just start 2 hours earlier?
  5. Is there really only one room of one building this can be done in that was booked for the next 8 Saturdays?

Sorry but I just can’t buy that story with all those questions I listed above.

Isn’t it offered at a bunch of testing locations on the same day? Couldn’t someone take it at another (albiet less convenient) location? Just a quick look online, the LSAT website shows UH as a location for that test on the 8th. It also shows, UHD, UHCL, South Texas College of Law as locations. Though if you had to go further, Lamar University & Prairie View A&M also have it on that date.

Granted I took the LSAT back in the Stone Age, but my recollection is that it was offered at a number of different locations.

I don’t care if it is valid or not…anything that can be thrown at espn to get rid of 11 a.m. games should be used !!!

Which years do you prefer more? The mid to late 90’s where we played in a high school stadium, had an athletic budget in the bottom 25% of FBS and got to play whenever we wanted because we were almost never televised or the current years?

Easy…current years with no television !!!

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Without television, we might as well be playing HBU since we would soon become irrelevant. Maybe that’s what happened to Rice.

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That’s like asking to sit at the big boy table and then refusing to eat your veggies.


All tv has done us make coaches richer.

More power to them.

It has ruined the game for the true fans.

Rice became irrelevant long BEFORE tv back in the late 60’s.

I feel your pain and certainly prefer UH playing evening games at TDECU as well.

However, if UH was obstinate enough to demand that all of our home games be evening games, we would most likely be kicked out of the AAC or forced to forfeit most (if not all) of our share of TV revenues; and we would most likely never be shown on TV again (except for a bowl game).

Further, if we were kicked out of the AAC due to our TV obstinance, we most likely wouldn’t get invited to any future bowl games due to our lack of conference affiliation.

I’ve had this convo with EE a couple of times. Keep coming at it different ways. No matter how much you explain to him and how many different ways, we don’t have our stadium, we don’t have as many fans, we don’t have as good of recruits, we don’t play in a decent conference, if we don’t play on TV and he just replies with different ways of saying he doesn’t want TV.

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At least you understand me…and by the way you are not “explaining it to me” as it just your opinion !!

Regarding the conference, I am more preturbed by the fact that our overpaid commisioner does not seem to ever bring up these issues !!

Does anyone ever mention it to him ?? Like our Prez or AD ?? I honestly do not know.

We have played the game for a long time with the TV bastards and quite frankly, I see very little to be proud of !!

I have no problem with day games…last time I looked 4:00 pm was in the daylight…good tailgating, students are awake by then, temp is dropping…all good !!! I am talking about September of course., but October and November would be good also.

And by the by, notice that as of now, we only have ONE Saturday night game…against TSU…Oh Boy !!!

But we have TWO Thursday night games against Tulsa and Tulane…again…Oh Boy !!!

Our remaining homes games against USF and Temple, if found to be entertaining by the TV powers, will no doubt be 11 a.m…

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