Keith Jackson Tribute

(Patrick) #1

Rest in Peace

(jimmyschofield) #2

“Whoaaaaaaaaaa Nellie. Lemme tell ya about…”


I’d watch a game I would otherwise have no interest in if he were calling it.

(Chris) #4

Two tv giants go to heaven. Rest in peace Sir.

(Craig Wiggins) #5

Well he pissed me off when I was about 8 or 9 (1968-1969). I believe it was the first year of the wishbone.If I remember correctly the prior year didn’t we tie them in Austin and then the next year he came out with the wishbone? Anyway I was over at a friends house and they had Texas on playing somebody but anyway he made a comment that Darrell Royal the inventor of the wishbone created the triple option. It was something like that and being 8 or 9 I said something like your stupid it was coach Bill Yeoman of the Houston Cougars. Back in those days i could get mad in .01 seconds. Lol. I ended up forgiving him. Just told myself he got a little excited and probably meant to say he created the wishbone and I learned a valuable lesson , at such a tender age, that Houston would have to always fight for whatever it did or for recognition or respect.

He was a great announcer. As stated above I would watch if he was announcing. He had a knack to know what to say and carry it with the right amount of emotion.

Edit. That was also the day I started hating Texas. Lol