Kelvin Sampson media availability, 11/24: "I learned that we have a good team."


:laughing: At CKS response about the fans jumping off. I think that made him mad for the rest of the questions.

@pesik spot on about Deeky’s confidence


Man he was pissed, but for the typical Houston sports fan they’re inclined to jump off at the first sign of fire. It’s just anxiety from all the other teams and not fully investing so it wont hurt so much if we lose. I firmly believe we’ll get better. But I also want to go to games and see them win or atleast keep it close.


I agree but CKS has been honest about the team and what is going on. From the beginning he has said the team will take some lumps along the way. Also he has earned benefit of the doubt imo.


He wasn’t mad after that question I asked him. I think he was his usual straightforward self.

I’m fortunate that he respects me enough to answer a question like that.

We all laughed and joked when we were finished.


Ok gotcha. Once again thanks for the video. You guys have been asking great questions and CKS provides a lot of good details.


Why even ask a question about the typical band wagon coogfan ?

Surely you have read the game threads as a game is in progress (either football or basketball)…we have people doubting the coaches at KO or tip off, sound like they have the razors ready with wrist up !!!

What I have always found funny, is they are on Coogfans during the game instead of watching and enjoying the game.

I sometimes go back and start at the top AFTER the game. It is hilarious !!

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Lots of good stuff in the interview - well done and thanks for posting. I am curious if anyone has asked Coach what all kinds of stats and plays they chart. After BYU I think I saw where Coach said the team committed 18 errors on pick and rolls in one game - in this interview he mentioned they chart “how many passes we make in a game”. Seems like the staff has a fairly sophisticated analystics effort - and apparently just need to work on which utensil one uses to enjoy French onion soup.


What amazes me is that he has like the game memorized and has total recall instantly.


I completely agree that Coach exhibits a savant like grasp of the game. However, as good as he is at that part of coaching- what in my humble opinion - is his strongest suit is he is able to teach and organize his staff to teach the kids how to really play. The last three years or so I learned to be patient - because we could literally watch the team get better and better. (Surely almost all college basketball teams do grow - but on a relative basis, just seems to me, the development of the team outpaced much of the competition).
That said, there is such turnover from last year and so many of the rotation players are so young that it will be particularly interesting to watch this year.


EE, I will sometimes chime in before game, at halftime, and once in a blue moon, during a long time out. I have probably done that a half dozen times in the last couple of years.

As for CKS, he told us what would happen and I believe him. I don’t know if we win the AAC, but we will go to the dance – and do a lot of dancing when we get there.


We will get better as the year flows on…

I believe in CKS, Kellen Sampson, Alvin Brooks, Quannas White, Lauren Sampson, et al. Our kids will get better. I don’t know if the kids will shoot better, but I guarantee you they will play better defense, they will take care of the basketball, and they will rebound. Maybe our Coogs become Virginia-lite this season and they win games by playing strong defense, committing very few fouls and TOs, and limiting opponents to one shot. If so, I can live with that. UVa won a national championship using that formula. I’m guessing CKS will find a formula that works for this squad. If CKS tells me that our kids will stand on their heads and shoot the ball with their feet, I’ll follow him and his formula.

Go Coogs. Peace.


Did Sampson say we’re making the tourney (either in this interview or elsewhere)? I don’t remember that or missed it.