Kelvin Sampson says a few more days to decide whether or not to redshirt J'Wan Roberts


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Wish they would have brought over the same concept to basketball to play in a couple of games and not lose the redshirt. What would be the harm in a sport with so many games. It also helps manage the work load for the kids.


Wow. Coach just threw monster shade at coach Holgerson. :sunglasses:

Only if you are looking for some shade to throw at CDH. I would bet that Kelvin didn’t mean anything negative toward Holgerson.


I think he was talking about the rule itself, not Holgerson’s application of the rule. I also think team chemistry is WAY more important in basketball than football. I think CKS was saying that rule could never work in basketball. Just my two cents though.

On a different note, I find so much joy in how much joy CKS gets from kids that can rebound. That video was hilarious!


I think it would be a good idea to have a small evaluation window for players in basketball – maybe to be able to play in like 4 or 5 games and retain your redshirt – but make it freshmen only…

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If they redshirt him, can’t they also burn the redshirt and play him later in the season? Seems like no downside to redshirting him to start the year and then waiting and seeing. We have pretty good depth in our bigs and don’t need him to play immediately.

Yes, a red shirt can be burned at any time. I think it’s one of those things that you try to decide up front and stick with the plan no matter how tempting it is to deviate. However, if one of the guys in front of him sustains an injury that will keep them out for a while, it might be worth burning his red shirt. From what I understand, the only reason CKS is considering a red shirt is because he thinks the guys in front of Roberts will keep him from getting many minutes.