Kelvin Sampson: "The biggest value in this Italy trip is not the games. It's the practices."

Coach Sampson speaks with the media at the end of the team’s first practice in preparation for the team’s trip to Italy in August (August 7th to 17th). Coach Sampson also discusses the benefit of University of Houston’s being a host site for the NCAA’s Basketball Academy sessions next week.



Guards shooting 3s after practice

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Is that Neil Van Beck under the basket?
Not on the roster. A manager/coaching in training now?

idaho transfer didnt miss once

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He’s a sniper ! Can’t wait to watch the games next month. ESPN 3 will stream them.

is that confirmed?

We talkin bout practice … practice.

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I noticed the same about the Idaho transfer. His shot looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see him on the court. Is he applying for a waiver?

Sasser’s shot looks good too. I think he maybe a sleeper on the team.

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ive been on the sasser train for a while (as a role player)…his recent weight even more emphasized that for me…which sampson noted today. he is 200lbs as a true freshman (thats 10lbs more muscle than corey last season at the same height and heavier than dejon)

he is likely the best shooter on the team among the eligible players…and there’s a possibility it wont be close


no waiver filled for tyson…unlikely he would get it even if he did

I know this Is practice but Quentin and Nate need to step up their 3 game. Sasser, Tyson and Mills looked alright. We got time though.

In video coach looked excited to go to italy yes right not everyone gets to go. Also, Harris was working on his free throws but missed more than half… hope it clicks eventually.


That looked like Owen Gray, the kid with Marfan’s that got to be on College Gameday last year and enrolled at Houston this year. I’ve seen him helping out with a lot of things behind the scenes…he was at our College Gameday at Fertitta moving stages around prior to the show.