Kelvin Sampson's relief drive keeps growing

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Five hundred student volunteers will help the Coogs sort through the donations, Sampson said, while alumni are ready to lend out trucks. The coach is coordinating with five relief agencies and is including recently damaged areas such as Port Arthur and Beaumont on his donation map.

The mother carrying her son through Harvey’s destruction won’t be forgotten.

“We’re not in the storage business,” Sampson said. “We’re in the moving business.”

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Kelvin’s drive for shoes/clothing was documented yesterday on Fox Business News…
Very Proud of Our Cougars !!!

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Nice long write up on Samp & the staffs efforts.
“We’ve gone from tennis shoes and T-shirts to diapers and phone chargers, toiletries, nice polos, sandals, shower shoes, all kinds of things,” Sampson said. "We’re not turning anything down. … We’re fortunate enough that we’ve got a place to store our stuff, and over time, we’ll get every item that comes into us, we’ll get it to the right spot.


This is nothing short of incredible! So proud of Coach for coming up with this idea and for how many people have responded.

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_Before you read any more of this column, I want you to take a few minutes to scroll through University of Houston men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson’s Twitter feed. _

You will be uplifted by what you see, I promise. A little more than a week ago, Sampson put out a Twitter call to his fellow college basketball coaches, asking for donations up their alley — 20 extra T-shirts and 10 pairs of basketball shoes — to give to the folks who had their lives upended by Hurricane Harvey.

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I’m late to commenting on this, but just want to shout out to the Sampson family for what was a great and classy idea. Has anyone heard anything about volunteering and helping them sort/distribute boxes? I’m sure they could use some help because it’s simply going to take awhile before all of those shirts and shoes are distributed.

The fact the NCAA had to step in was a little ridiculous – UH is not going to gain a recruiting advantage by giving storm victims shirts whether they’re from UCLA, Kentucky or North Carolina Central University. Rare to see them to do the right thing.

It’s crazy how overwhelming this initiative became. It’s a win-win PR move for any institution involved. And to be frank, they’ll probably be able to send some of those shirts to help with relief in the aftermath of Irma and Maria.

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I believe you can contact the athletic department or Lauren Sampson and ask if you can help. They seemed to be taking volunteers earlier in the drive.

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