Kenneth Farrow's Grind With a Purpose will be hosting a Football Camp June 30th for 6th-8th graders

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This is great for the kids, the university and the players.

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Says at the end that his agent has been talking with the Titans.

Former University of Houston and Los Angeles Chargers running back Kenneth Farrow is hosting a free football camp at his alma mater.

The camp is set for June 30 at the University of Houston. For more information, go to

The camp is scheduled to include Elandon Roberts, William Jackson, Brandon Wilson, Greg Ward and Joey Mbu.

“It’s a skills camp,” Farrow said. "Hopefully, they’ll learn something they can take into the fall with them. They get to learn from a bunch of guys at the NFL level who will be able to show them some techniques.


Luv me some K Farrow. Real Coog there. One of the toughest hittenist dudes I can remember even if a RB LOL. Didn’t he get the Pitt bowl comeback started with a TD or was it one of teeth separating blocks that led to the first TD?

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What a great opportunity for kids in the area to learn from pros in the NFL. We have some great ambassadors for our university.

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He made a TD running over the Pitt DB. When I say running over, I mean it literally – Farrow hit him square on and knocked him backward into the end zone and just ran right over him. It was great!


I have watched the replay of the game several times and each time I see it and see the look on his face and the faces of the other Coogs it strikes me as the moment that the team knew they would win the game.

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With the time left and deficit they faced, I don’t know if it was when they “knew” they would win, but it was definitely when they decided to kick it in gear. When he ran over that dude the whole team just went bonzo! The probability of getting an on sides kick is low; getting two in a row is unheard of.

I just wonder how those folks that left at the start of the 4th quarter felt when they realized they missed the comeback. My wife spent most of the 3rd quarter in the ladies room warming up. She said a whole lot of ladies did the same. Fortunately she came back for the 4th because of our cheering she wanted to see what was happening.

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I believe Farrow recovered one (or maybe it was 2) on side kicks.


Tyler White got one.
Farrow got the other.

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