Know Your Program...Houston

(Patrick) #1

While we’ve got some time here in the offseason, let’s go over our history. Those who don’t know their history are bound to think that the world started and stopped with Nick Saban. Perish the thought. If we’re going to pull together to start a new, beautiful Southwest Conference, we may as well know who the hell we’re inviting. This week let’s get to know the last joining member of the old SWC, your Houston Cougars.

(Chris) #2

The late 60’s, mid to late 70’s and even the Run N Shoot years are not a coincidence. We have the potential to be a National powerhouse. We were getting there in these times…then probation came. Coincidence you might say? This is not a coincidence when it happened during three different periods that were crucial to us. We beat the odds before and we will do it again even against our two headed scared neighbors.