Latest USNEWS Law School Rankings

Not bad.

#56 overall out of 194 accredited law schools.

#3 in Health Law
#5 in Intellectual Property Law
#12 in Part-Time
#26 in both Environmental Law and Tax Law
#34 in Contracts and Commercial Law
#44 in Trial Advocacy
#46 in International Law

Tied for #3 overall in Texas with SMU behind only UT (#16) and Baylor (#50)

Others in Texas:

aTm: #60
Texas Tech: #111
South Texas: Bottom Tier
St. Mary’s: Bottom Tier
TSU: Bottom Tier
North Texas: Unranked


I have to ask about number 12. is that par-time students or is part-time law a thing, like Petticoat Junction?

Texas S&M has a law school?

TAM law school is in downtown Ft Worth. They took over Texas Wesleyan University’s program several years ago.

Ya know, it’s funny.

Texas Wesleyan used to be literally a BOTTOM TIER law school until aTm bought them.

Now, in just a handful of years, they’ve risen to the Top 60.

Not all law schools have part-time programs.

Of those that do, UH is #12.

My Father, who had a successful 37 year solo law practice, was a graduate of that program.

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Link to the list:

56 by U.S. News

39 by The Best Law Schools for BigLaw Jobs – $180,000 a year (2019)

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