Law Center Building Campaign

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Our goal is to create a world-class legal learning environment within an innovative new Law Center building.

A new, modern facility will accelerate UHLC’s ascendance to our goal of a top 40 U.S. News & World Report ranking. An ultramodern learning environment will expand faculty resources, galvanize recruitment and attract students with increased academic credentials. A new UHLC facility will provide modern research space, new clinical facilities, a new library, practice courtrooms and expanded career services space. It will also provide a forum for exclusive events on campus – in which to invite peers from other academic institutions, prominent judges, lawyers and practitioners from across the country – to legal and policy symposia, conferences and social events reflective of this great institution. To construct this state-of-the-art facility, the Law Center has set a goal of securing $10 million in commitments from private donors, supporters and friends of UHLC, to supplement public and other sources of funding.


About damn time. :sunglasses:

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Just gave to the cause online!

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Great news for the law school.

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“More Than Bricks,” the fundraising campaign to build a new University of Houston Law Center building, has reached the $10 million milestone. The UH Law Center will now ask the Texas Legislature for $60 million to support phase two of its building campaign.

The proposed $90 million five-story building would replace an aging, flood-prone structure. The preliminary design includes modern technology and flexible space to enhance student learning and faculty teaching capabilities, and would be located adjacent to the current Bates Law Building. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.

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Excellent news!

Certainly worth the money!

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William Jackson, president of the UH Law Foundation and chair of the building campaign, said in a statement that he hopes the $10 million raised will prove to the legislature that there is ample support for the law center, which has ranked in the Top 10 for law school specialties like health law, intellectual property law and part-time law, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings.

UH’s $60 million ask for the law center will be in addition to the university’s other special item requests to legislators, including a request for about $11.1 million to help support various aspects of the university, and $20 million for the proposed University of Houston College of Medicine, which is slated to expand the university’s health research and prepare primary care doctors to practice in underserved and rural communities, including the Third Ward where UH is located.

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Sad that we are “striving” for a top 40 law school now. Back when Ryon and I were there in the 1990’s we already were at that level. We had multiple programs in the friggin top ten nationally! Shows what a couple of bad hires can do especially a Dean who alienated wealthy alumni.

(Ryon Adams) #11


Amen Brother. Dean Rappaport was a profoundly poor hire.

I think that we’re on our way back up under the current administration.


I have no idea how that bitch got hired let alone not canned after 18 months. Most people couldn’t have destroyed a successful program like she did if they tried. Number 36 catching up with UT-Austin to number 80 sniffing BU and SMU arse in 5 years. Just my opinion of course. Wish Papa Jim Purdue was on the board to give his take.

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I believe that he now posts under the name “originalcoog57”

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I retired from my trial practice 11 years ago. Turned it over to my son also a U of H L aw grad. He has been very active in this campaign. I’ve been teaching a course in the trial advocacy program for the last 11 years. The course is called Storytelling and it fills quickly ever semester with a waiting list. We have other unique courses and programs. I can vouch for the quality of students we are admitting. Our faculty is beyond compare.We are truly a top 25 or better law school in every category save one…
FACILITIES. I am one of the old timers who has seen our magnificent transition from quonset huts after WW!! to the basement of the MDA Library where I attended law school to our present facility opened in the mid seventies. I have also seen the proposed schematics for the proposed new building. Fantastic…something for which we could all be proud. It will guarantee a rise in our official rankings something that should be important to all grads. Lets do what we can to make it a reality.