Lee Corso story

The Athletic has a nice story on Lee Corso today. And yes, the F-bomb story is told, with a Carl Lewis tidbit that I hadn’t heard before:

The combination of Corso and live television was perhaps at its most memorable late in 2011, when he dropped an F-bomb while tossing aside an SMU megaphone to instead put on a Houston Cougar mascot head for the home crowd.

Producers were almost late in counting down the seconds until the show was off air, the collective laughter having suffocated their truck’s tight corners. Carl Lewis, the guest picker, looked across the set and said: “Thank God we’re on tape delay,” only to be informed that they were not.

Corso was required to tape an apology that would run later in the day. He cooperated, saying he would do anything for ESPN. He then struggled so hard to conceal the smug grin on his face while reading a prepared statement that he had to reshoot the 12-second spot over and over.

And here’s the clip:


Oh to have Gameday back on campus…we were close in 2015 but Memphis got arrogant and lost to Navy.


The Athletic just keeps getting better and better. Just re-upped for another year. The best coverage of non p5 programs out there…free or subscription.

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I remember the apology…laughed the entire time because you could tell Corso couldn’t hide his enjoyment. Probably the best moment ever on College Gameday.


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