Let your play-makers make plays

(G.W.) #1

King is the real deal. Nice throwing motion, and some serious jets.

Melba Car STILL does not start. Can’t see what CMA sees as the benefit to starting Duke.

Dunbar and Bonner have skills.

So I am baffled by our play-calling on 3rd and short. Why not roll out King. Give him the option to pitch it to Car or throw it to a WR. He throws GREAT on the rollout.

Tulane pressed our Receivers and dared us to go over the top. We hit some nice plays on first and second down, but 3rd down was a horror story.

Why not make the less talented Tulane team defend ALL of your playmakers?

Outcoached…smh, still.


The guys calling the game on TV were wondering the same thing. To them it’s a “questionable” play call. To us who have been watching this comedy of errors all season, it is, unfortunately, business as usual.

(Brad) #3

We will suck again next year if Johnson returns.


I was thinking the same thing on third and short (and even on the 4th down play where it was a simple pocket pass ). To me with a mobile QB that is quick/fast like King the roll out RPO should be the go to play in those situations. The defense basically has to defend two different plays that should be easy to convert-the short pass and the qb run.

When the tv announcers were say things like “we all know what houston is going to run on this play so I’m sure the Tulane coaches do too” that’s never a good thing.

(Chris) #5

Numerous times the announcers silence said it all. This was not the first game either.

(G.W.) #6

Tulane beat the crap out of us with the RPO. They know their guy is not a pocket passer. So they give him the option. And he was successful.
Heck, the last 3rd and 10 conversion of the game was an RPO.

(PMM) #7

or if CMA returns …

(Russel ) #8

He’s gonna get one more year to prove himself…it sets a bad precedent to fire a coach after one season unless it’s a complete utter disaster.