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(Charles) #1

I’m sure most of you are “house bound” like me so now is a good day for the questions/answers that normally aren’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Mine is, has anyone seen Cedrick Alley, Jr. play basketball? He’s red shirting this year (I read the interview with CKS re his getting started late) but I also know that he was Texas POY last year. Surprised I haven’t read where this was a big deal, but shouldn’t it be? I’ve seen him warming up at games, he’s a stout kid but don’t know anything about his game. What does he play and how does he compare with other current players? Anybody got any answers?


I don’t know about him, but I know that he is supposed to be good. Him, along with the kid from NC and the coach’s son from TSU and the development of the others including the current freshmen points to a good class and team and lessens the blow of those good ones graduating this year. Ultimately, fewer JUCO’s and more quality four year players is the goal. I am looking forwatrd to next year’s team and new arena. It should be rocking!

(Charles) #3

Found this on YouTube. It’s obviously a “hype” video, but the young man appears impressive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqlD1lWuK54


he is a 3/4 combo like devin and fabian,. but a little bit more leaning towards the 3 than them. he played a big in high school, but was expected to transition to the 3 for us…before the season started and he got injured sampson spoke of how he thought grant and alley would be the 2 competing for the starting 3 spot… his skill set is position-less… he isnt great at any specific thing but good at everything (playing big to shooting 3s). he can ply anywhere from 2 to 5 on offense or defense


After watching the WSU game, I am glad we are getting some longer guards into the mix. We appeared to be swallowed up by the WSU front court.


I really thought you were about to break up with me.

(Charles) #7

Thanks. I feel the same as Corinthcoog, WSU seemed to dwarf us. That’s often the case with really good teams, they have length.

(Patrick) #8

Alley reminds me a lot of LeRon Barnes; basically a swiss-army knife on the basketball court. CKS mentioned in early interviews that he’s one of the best defenders on the team and is a good passer who can handle the ball a bit. His ceiling is probably a very good 3 and D guy in the mold of a Trevor Ariza. Probably needs to work on his shot before he can fulfill that “3” part of the 3 and D, but he seems like a hard-worker.

CKS lamented that his injuries prior to and during the season basically limited his development too much. He’ll be an important player before he graduates.