Liberty @ Houston

A little too close for comfort here late in the first.

30-29 Coogs

35-34 Coogs at the half.

Need some serious defensive adjustments in the second half.

49-47 Coogs @ 13:40

Coogs starting to pull away now. Defensively intensity starting to show up now.

62-52 Coogs @ 7:41

72-52 Coogs @ 4:09

16-0 Coogs run

77-54 Coogs win.

Finished on 21-2 run.

Was awesome to see a motivated Chicken. The game was 30 minutes of Oh $@#! basketball…and ten minutes of something special.

When things are clicking, this team looks like something special is happening. Can’t help but get excited about what’s developing.

I watched most of it and enjoyed the second half. What adjustments do you think we made? Got more physical and contested shots?

Crowd wasn’t super bad. Decent coverage on TV, at least behind players’ benches.

I think dropping into zone defense and stressing driving to the hoop led to a disruption in Liberty’s flow. Also felt like the Coogs just wanted it more when on defense. They started making good things happen for themselves with hustle plays.

Not thrilled with the first 30 minutes. I’m sure they will have a lot to cover in practice.

Hopefully they’ll be on it from the get-go against Harvard.

Long couple of days and I missed the first 30 minutes; kind of glad I did. Coogs looked great when I was watching. Hopefully, this was just a case of the team looking ahead to Harvard on Friday.

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