Line for UH-Memphis


According to an app on my phone, it’s UH -3

A team that lost to 1-5 Tulsa is now favored to beat 5-1 Memphis, who just beat #25 Navy.

I have a feeling that may change.

(PMM) #2

Well…Memphis does not have much of a defense…oh wait,

neither did Tulsa…and by the by, we don’t have any offense !!!

(Brad) #3

Bet the house on Memphis money line.


I bet we beat the hell out of Memphis and that will make this Tulsa loss that much worse in a way.

(Ben) #5

Maybe UH/Tulsa was Tulsa’s UH/Oklahoma game . . . . . Maybe it was the big “flip” weekend when so many favorites loose. Playing Navy (providing bumps and bruises) the week prior to playing UH just might make a major difference. Also, looking at a 0-5 team the week prior to a big game is a “trap” game for sure . . . . .


Coogs at home are a different animal.

(Cary) #7

The irony of it would be…


I think we have a team that rises to the level of the competition. I don’t expect we will win, but if the coogs play is embarrassing, that will be on the coaches, period.