(LISTEN) Houston Cougar Men’s Basketball Season Preview!


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After the tough loss to Drexel yesterday, how do you feel about the Cougars this season?

(Russel ) #2

Including barely beating liberty…I’m not quite sure. I can see why we were picked to finish 6th. But who knows maybe this team will continue to get better as the season moves along. One bad loss doesn’t change anything.

(Ryon Adams) #3

I’m still optimistic, but I’m more cautiously optimistic than I was before.

I was really disappointed by the Drexel loss, but the Wake Forest victory has given me some reason to hope.

We’ll get a better idea after our first few conference games.

I suspect we’ll have no trouble at all with UIW at home.


Have to say, glad to see that Saturday and Sunday against Wake and Liberty were more successful!