Living in Arkansas

(Jerry Richard) #1

And everyone here being a HOG fan, as I wore my UH hat to work and telling everyone that we are playing, - all I got was - yeah, well yeah, we will see. Honestly they had some respect for us. I suspect because they know where we come from “PHI SLAMA JAMA”.

So, having had to make a trip a missing the game, I find out we beat the snot out of UA. Needless to say, I can’t wait to come to work with my UH hat once again to say - “WE ARE THE LORDS of UA”. PFFTTTHHH scum.

(Patrick) #2

I was sitting in a large section of Arkansas fans. They, maybe, cheered two times the entire game. Just an absolute pasting from the opening whistle to the end.

Give them hell.


Now, now - be nice; just wear that hat - and smile! That’s ALL you have to do.

(Mike) #4

Sooooo Pig Foooie.


I was at the game and sat right in front of a couple of Arkansas fans. The Coogs gave those guys very little to cheer about. I always stay until the end of the game, win or lose, but these Arkansas fans had apparently seen enough by the time that there was 8 minutes left in the second half, with the Coogs ahead by 27 points. Those Razorback guys just got up and left. - I guess they felt a strong need to go back home to be with their cousins/wives.

(Patrick) #6

Really was funny; I was afraid of hearing Pig Sooie all game, and only heard it once when the team came out before the start.