Looking for something to read today with no football

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Check out my latest via gridironnow.com, on Georgia’s aggressive coaching staff. The more page clicks I get the more I get paid, so help a fellow Coog out please. Thanks, and I’ll have my Tulane game preview out late next week.

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You’ve come to the right place Jimmy!

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Will do. My sister is an editor now at a major French weekly magazine but she started getting paid by the words or page.
Really tough business Jimmy. Best of luck and if possible (if you have not already done so) get an IT/social media certification.




I was gonna suggest Larry McMurtry’s All My Friends are Going to Be Strangers, but now i realize the topic was a question.
But ok i’ll read the article:)



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Thanks guys.

My recap of UGA’s tough loss. Reminded me of a few UH games. Too many mistakes they couldn’t overcome.