Looks like some coogs went to party last night in vegas

looks like some coogs went to party last night in vegas, including allen.

yes, i understand the gutting of coaches, player issues, and the rest of the bipolar season, but the game should have been closer.

case in point? case keenum and his team destroying penn state despite all the controversy. just sayin. can’t wait for next year with a stable staff and kyle allen.

Wrong, most of the staff stayed for the Dallas bowl game. Big difference!

Sure they stayed for the game but it’s apparent that some of these guys gave no effort the second half.

Apples and oranges … Gees

Worst example ever. The Coogs lost a few coaches to A&M. Joe Paterno was fired for covering up for a pedophile. I think Penn State had a much bigger mess on their hands than we did going into that game.

I would compare this more to when Briles left and most of the staff left (well, were dismissed) prior to the bowl game against TCU.


I’m in a wait and see mode. Coach Major Applewhite has to prove himself after last night’s debacle. Hopefully, it’s not a sign of things to come.

Tilman Fertitta has said publicly that a 8-4 record is not good enough at UH anymore. Basically, saying that Major was not his first choice, but the safe one. I honestly think he liked Kiffin but it would had not be safe to bring him in to UH, due to the uncertain reaction Texas High School coaches would have.

Reminds me of the Final Four in New Orleans. Rob Williams was so hung over he couldn’t sit up straight. Lewis made him play. Needless to say he played well below his standard and UH lost. Cost us a national championship. Rob’s 100% UH could beat any team in the country.

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