Louisville fans live game chat thread

I can’t see if someone already posted this - for a good laugh, go read the live chat thread from the Lousiville fans.

Lets just say a wee bit of language.

I’m giggling at the opening kickoff feedback and it just gets better and better…

Interesting read, about the worst language I have ever read on a blog (or elsewhere actually).

The most epic meltdown in history.

Some interesting quotes from the thread (In some cases I had to use ___ for the language):

Can we maybe double team #10? We simply don’t match up with him.

Start a petition to never play Houston again?

We’re down 24-0 against a team we can’t do jack s___ against. They have a freshman Nose Tackle that is making our vets look like High Schoolers

Wellll sure looks like we’re taking a L tonight. This doesn’t look like WF at all. Houston can finish.

So hard to feel positive for this one. Haven’t seen one good thing from our side and theirs is killing it. This is their CFP for their seniors and they have come to play!

They aren’t getting breaks their way, they are making their own destiny like real football teams do

we are outplayed and outcoached.

I get the impression that Houston has been piling chips on their shoulders for about six weeks.

This team lost to SMU

This team didnt, but we got the benefit of their injury riddle season

The problem is that now that the officials see that Oliver is breaking through every time, they look for him to be held every time too

We clearly didn’t steal Houston’s play book

I could go on, but you can look it up.


Be warned, if you don’t like profanity, don’t read that thread. Has more F-bombs than the Wolf of Wall Street.

on the bright side we have better looking women than houston. good god it’s like i’m whale watching
by SpeedSchoolYOU_KNOW on Nov 17, 2016 | 11:29 PM reply

The language in that thread would make a salty sailor proud.

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