LSU 45 - SwagCopter 21 Final

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Wish I could give you more likes for the title alone!!!

(Mark) #4

Fire him on the field before he gets off it


you want a good laugh, go checkout errr I mean TexAgs. Some posts over there would probably get you sent to permanent time-out. Would be funny if they kept Sumlin, Aggies would suffer a meltdown of biblical porportions


If I were truly a sadist, I’d wish Sumlin keeps his job. Bulto, you said what I’d been thinking. Some of those guys would choke themselves unconscious.


LOL, that is the truth


That LSU 2 point conversion was truly beautiful.


Scumlin & his SwagCopter are going down - 45-21 - in the 4th quarter!

(G.W.) #10

I guess LSU will jump to #6 with this huge win.

(J V ) #11

Sumlin’s wife was spotted at the moving box wholesaler this evening.


They gonna leave Scumlin behind in Baton Rouge.

(PortlandCoog) #13

Maroon Suburbans no longer parked in Sumlin’s driveway.

(J V ) #14

The swagcopter spotted just a bit ago.

(J V ) #15

Sumlins next stop. Selling swag copters like this at the mall this Christmas season.


Pretty sure in Aggieland they just call that Thursday night in the Corps.


(VancouverCOOG) #18

Awesome stuff!