LSU the new Baylor?

Per USA Today article on LSU’s deliberate institutional failure to investigate or hold football players accountable for sexual assault. Not a good look.

This is quite likely a common and under reported problem at many universities across America.


Not just universities, but everywhere. Sexual assault is
simply one of the most underreported crimes in the country. But to stay on topic, yes, if in depth investigations were launched we’d see this pattern at huge swaths of NCAA and football programs.


I have zero doubt that if anyone accused were to try to transfer to UH, CoogFans would suddenly be all about forgiveness and second chances.


I think the guys mentioned graduated awhile ago so I’m not sure we can still get them.

I think LSU Is lucking up getting all the garbage out at once with covid and there in a down cycle. If it was last yr it could hurt more. This and the recruiting violations in fb etc.

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It is LSU being LSU .

No one is on Baylor’s level


You’ve never been more wrong about anything, ever.


How sure are you of that? Have you missed the sizable contingent that openly campaigns for Art Briles in every coaching thread? Remember when the Coogs were talking to Logan Tuley-Tillman and he suddenly turned into a sweet, innocent angel that just wanted to make some college memories?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I am confident that if Derrius Guice or Sam Ukuwachuku found another year of eligibility and decided to spend it wearing red and white, the bulk of this board would find a way to consider their sins absolved.

I remember the sizable contingent that openly campaigned against bringing Art back to UH. I remember many who said they would not purchase tickets as long as he was on staff or offered any support. But then again, even though my old memory is terrible at this time, it is not very selective . . . . .


And we’re still waiting for the self-righteous folks to explain what Art allegedly did wrong and/or why he was never accused or charged with a crime or anything else. It appears pretty clear to me that he was just a scapegoat at Baylor and nothing more.

And be sure to tell us when anyone gets a copy of the law firm investigative report that showed what really happened up at Baylor. Good luck with that!


You are wrong. It’s not more than a handful, one of whom is above me in this thread.

Same with the players.

Our problem with our fans are those with self-loathing issues. See someone.

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I thought this story came out a while back. Like a few years ago.

I am very sure. As others on the board mentioned there were objections to Art even attending games when Kendall was coaching here. Blanket statements about ‘anyone’ transferring here regardless of the accusation being welcomed as long as they were good football players is really cynical.

In the Briles thread, it was only like 2 people that posted they wanted him back. I was surprised (and happy) that so many posted no chance and they would cancel tickets if he was.

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I’d add there were quite a few that had problems with Kendal coming here, as well, including me.

First, Kendal was present throughout all of what was going on in Waco. Second, Kendal had two NCAA recruiting violations against him in his short career. Finally, was Kendal’s success in Waco due to the presence of Art, about whom there’s no doubt has a great offensive mind, or his own ability? I wasn’t too impressed with Kendal on the merits, either.


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