March Madness

(David) #1

Anyone plan on going to the March Madness games and what location do you prefer UH to play?


the fact that we can talk march madness in a relaxed state is magical


If it’s Boise, I might pull my son from school and drive over from Portland. So pumped for this!

(Patrick) #4

Dallas, but hopefully we last long enough so we can all travel to San Antonio this year

(David) #5

Hope it is close so maybe we can get a good crowd.


There is a 1st round site in Dallas where a lot of amateur bracketologists have us going. That would be sweet.

(Dan) #7

ESPN had us in Nashville in the latest bracketology this morning so as a TN Coog I’d be there for that.

(Jerry Richard) #8

Here in Arkansas, any game in TN or TX is a definite for me.

(Trent) #9

I could try for Boise, especially if we’re playing Saturday.