Marcus Sasser: "I think I'm naturally a leader by example. But, not talking. I'm becoming better. Every day."


Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Dejon is going trough some stuff? Hes ALSO coming off a hand injury. Hes helping me take his position?

Yesterday, DeJon tweeted a “Rest in peace” to someone close to him.

He broke a bone in his right hand in October and did not practice with the team for more than a month.

Marcus started at point guard when the team was in Italy and ran the offense while Deeky was out with the injury. Deeky is a junior; Marcus is a freshman = take his position when Deeky leaves.


Thanks Kris I didnt know that. Condolences to Dejon. That last comment made me think he was leaving at the end of this year (which he probably will) but I thought it was confirmation.

I like that Sasser already has a solid frame.
He will be that “bull in a china shop” smaller guard down the line who comes in very handy.

The quality depth on this team is impressive.

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Sasser is now 8th in the AAC in Assist to Turnover ratio. Nate is at 21. Dejon at 33. Grimes 38.

Wouldn’t have guessed that order pre-season.

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Sasser doesn’t make many poor decisions.
He gets outmatched at times being a freshman but rarely forced had plays.

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I’m so glad Sasser signed with the Coogs. He will play an integral role of the success of this team, this year and beyond.


Sasser can ball.