Marketing gets another new face - Willie Hogan

Takes over for the recently departed Josie Drago. Comes in from North Carolina State where he was the Athletic Marketing Assistant that primarily handled soccer, tennis, and golf.

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he’s getting off to an ominous start, with the dumbass “Houston we have a problem” saying.


I cringed when I read that.


And he used a photo of downtown that is 10+ years old.

Delete job, ban employee.

Tuff crowd. #merica.


No offense to Mr. Hogan, and we have brought in some folks with local ties, but it continues to depress me that we are still bringing in people from other areas of the country instead of hiring more from within. We have one of the few sports management programs in the country, but few, if any, from that program have gotten a shot to move up into leadership roles at UH.

I mean, just from that tweet alone, I’d have to seriously wonder why we’d hire this guy for a marketing and promotion position as it’s obvious he doesn’t know that Houstonians hate that saying used in conjunction with anything outside of Apollo 13. Hopefully, he gets the message quickly, but I continue to wonder why we aren’t hiring people that know Houston, have lived in Houston, and don’t have to have to be taught these things.


Maybe he can be the guiding force in marketing that big basketball game we have against UCLA at the Astrodome this season.

at least he didn’t post a picture of Robertson stadium - I hate the whole “Houston…problem” line

I just noticed that he has the hook em sign in his twitter handle…that’s gotta go and fast

Promote what? Just win and they will come. Fans will attend games because we have an awesome media presence? Hype works just one time. I’m not sure I really grasp the enduring value of this kind of stuff. Educate me, please, and tell me how it fills the stadium/ballpark/arena week after week.

Yeah, I know…

Following the game @ Rice Saturday, we ventured to Skeeters Stadium for a bb game. The league they play in has a divided season, and two divisions. They won the first half of the season in their division, and are leading the second half of the season. The stadium was about 15 percent filled. So much for “win and they will come”, but, and is there not always a “but”, they have a huge marketing department. Only one place along the outfield wall that did not have advertising. Big night special for first responders. Entertainment between halves of innings. IE, lots of promotions, yet pitiful attendance. Talked to a fellow who has season tickets, and attends almost every game and he told me the attendance last night was just slightly less than normal. My conclusion . . . . . It requires winning, it requires promotions and it requires a population that does not have SO MANY OPTIONS . . . . . There is much to do in the Greater Houston Area, so one needs to be LOUD and PROUD, and lucky . . . . .

Good answer. Thanks.

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