Maya crump

Is tranferring. No word on why. Just heard on scott and holman podcast. She will be a big loss. IMO

That sucks.

Have been looking to hear more, but pretty quiet at this point. Nice class coming in, would have loved to see her stick around.

Is there a transfer portal for women? Be nice to know where she lands.

We should worry about us grabbing some good players out of portal.
It’s unbelievable to me Hughes has such a hard time recruiting especially in the Houston area.
Coach Sampson should give him some pointers.
Heck maybe Samps could help baseball, softball, etc at a clinic lol

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By the way what has happened to the softball team? Haven’t read anything about them and that is probably not a good thing

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Probably deserves it own thread. Softball team has been up and down, mostly down. Have lost to the ranked teams they’ve played, OU, Whorns, Miss St, but then beat OSU ranked 7 at the time. 2-5 so far in confernce, swept in 4 game series with UCF, and won a 3-game series with USF. 11-20 overall.


Nice pick-up. Size!

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Here’s her stat line. If White is off the team, Diagne looks to be at least that good. Only 0.5 blocks per game isn’t so good. 22.9 minutes/game and averaging less than 3 PF/game makes me wonder why she didn’t get more playing time. Certainly better than nothing.

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Daphane White, Maya Crump, and Maya Jones are in the transfer portal. :disappointed: :disappointed:

White, though being very easy on the eyes, really didn’t bring much when she played. She didn’t fight for rebounds, play tough defense or hustle when she was on the court.

There is something going on with the coaching staff that needs explaining.

Three players transferring is not an encouraging sign that all is well.

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Nah, they just weren’t going to play for Coach Hughey.

At mid season i began worrying about players transferring, the vibes between the staff and certain players was a little off,(visual observation) i kept thinking it would be Crump,Blair, and White that would opt. out, I almost nailed it… IMHO, Crump and Blair were our two best players. With the transfers coming in, it’s whole different ball game. No excuses next year…

My starters next season:
Lala Blair
Tiara Young
Tamara Nard
Fatou Diagne
Bria Patterson/Jazmaine lewis/ Kamryn Jones/ or Tatyana Hill

Let’s go win some games…

Gladney vs Blair should be a good fight for minutes. Gladney was definitely better before her injury and Blair improved greatly after that with the increased minutes.

Who’s coming back ?

Probable Returning Players;
Lala Blair
Briia Patterson
Jazmaine Lewis
Kamryn Lewis
Tatyana Hill
Dymond Gladney
Britney Onyeje
Tae’Lor Purvis
J. Blackshell-Fair ?

In one my post I picked Blair over Gladney because Blair has better overall skills. Gladney has the edge as a spot-up 3pt. shooter, but Blair is bigger, a better creator, scorer, passer and rebounder.

Back to the situation with Crump, i’m absolutely puzzled that she would transfer, she got the minutes, she led the team in defensive rebounds, block shots, tied for the most steals, was one the three players that avg. double digits scoring for the year, all this from the guard /wing position.

Candy Jones was the last guard we had with that kind of leaping ability, if you didn’t get a chance to see Crump play, she like Candy Jones, has a real jump shot. This situation must be related to personal
issues, other than that it make no sense, we move on.

Oh man if we get Fair it should be fun! No excuses lol.

Crump and the staff agreed to go their separate ways. She transferred to Jackson State.

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Thanks for the update

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