Memphis gets stomped

1-2 in bowls. One blow out win, two blow out losses.

1-3, UCF lost the same day we did.

Then again, the 3 losses have come to the MWC, CUSA, and Sun Belt champs (by the 5th, 6th, and 7th place teams in the AAC).


How many of the AAC teams who lost had also lost their coaches since end of season?

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That’s the strange thing, we’re the only school that’s played that lost our coach. Memphis, Navy, & UCF all retained their coach. Last 2 left (Temple and USF) are the other two that lost theirs.

Navy was on their third string QB if I’m not mistaken. Were for the last few weeks of the year. Hard to run that option offense at that point.

Anybody can beat anybody. Especially conference champions.

The AAC needs to beat P5 teams and have great depth. The botton of the conference (UCONN and Tulane) must get better. Some people have argued the AAC was better than the Big12 this year.

At the end of that game, they were on their 4th string QB, and the guy was still able to run for a TD, which is amazing.

Navy’s D was their problem.

All amateurs do is look at the won-loss. I expect more out of the people who post here. There’s some pretty decent football awareness here.

This is what I see people who THINK they know about football say. In the end, the only thing that matters is winning or losing. No one remembers who started at QB except the really hardcore fans. All everyone outside of AAC fans will see is that we have one win.

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