Memphis vs LAM Houston Flag Gesture

(Cristian) #1

(David) #2

Why is Memphis trying to make me like them? Very nice gesture.


Agreed. I still don’t like Memphis but I’ll give them a grudging nod for this.

(Cristian) #4

(Chris) #5

We live in the best Country in the World. Houstonians helping each other. Americans helping Texas, Louisiana. This is truly outstanding. Tomorrow we must keep trying to get donations any which way we can.

(Patrick) #6

(steve saxenian) #7

Such a nice difference between our conference and the old SWC and Big12. The schools actually support each other.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

Just wish the fans would get on board with supporting our conference teams.

(Patrick) #9

(Kendall Barrett) #10

Hats off to Memphis…this is just a great show of cameraderie among our Conference members…
Bravo !!!
Go Coogs !!!

(Patrick) #11

(Chris) #12

Awesome. Thank you for posting.