Missed Tackles Stats from PFF College- National Avg


on average per Pro football Focus…FBS teams miss 15.5% of tackles
Georgia is #1 at 7%
NC State is #18 at 9%
Bama is #27 at 12%
No other teams numbers were given in article…which was about most Fundamentally sound teams…Run Block, Pass Block and Tackling. The 3 teams above were 3 top overall and thus gave their ranking in each category. see below


I found this also…info as of 9/27/2018…it seems that Texas A&M misses 1 out of every 5 tackles…wow…I though only UH missed tackles…learn new stuff everyday

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I was trying to track down some stats on this, but I couldn’t find anything comprehensive beyond the SEC. interesting stuff.


supposedly ESPN keeps track of it…but i couldn’t find it


Found this info from PFF from Nov 2011…the Tampa Bay Bucs missed 15% of tackles…the NFL should have the best tacklers in the world…yet when college players miss tackles we blame their coaches for not teaching them properly

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“We didn’t tackle well. We missed too many big tackles in the open field. I didn’t think we covered great. We had a few too many guys just getting beat to the ball in a couple situations and the glaring thing was the third and longs that we gave up."

That could have been CMA after any of our games this season. It wasn’t. It was Lincoln Riley Saturday after TU beat OU. The next day his DC was fired.

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The thing that makes missed tackles memorable is not the miss—the next guy could get him one yard later and no one cares—it’s the result…when the next guy is 15 yards away and now that miss becomes a whiff felt all across the stadium, everyone remembers those.


It takes two to tango, it takes two for a tackle. Sometimes the runner is just that good or strong.

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You said it. We also lack “swarm tackling” as in multiple defenders around the ball. I still say we don’t have as many high IQ football guys on D as we’ve had in the past.


Riley was just biding time to get his own Guy as DC.


I would bet a large percentage of those missed tackles are on running plays inside. If a D-lineman reaches out with an arm and can’t make the tackle, it counts as a missed tackle. Even if it may have slowed down the runner so another guy can tackle him. Open field missed tackles are the issue and I think our team is not good at that. If you miss a tackle, you better at least slow that guy down so a teammate can help.


Georgia RB Holyfield is forcing a missed tackle on every 2.8 carries
Over 1/2 his yards are gained after contact