My friend just put it succinctly

Player backs out of a scholarship he lacks character. Coaches do it and it’s just business.

Nailed it. And it stinks.


Petersen at UDub seems to have some of the best morals around. Stayed quite a while at Boise before going to UW where he may stay and build a legacy like Don James.


Gave them about a decade right? Not 2 years.

Sorry, looked it up after i wrote this, 7 years as HC, 15 years total…no comparison. Wish we had a Peterson.


Problem is that everyone wants a Peterson or Patterson. Then there’s Leach who is indeed a Strange One. Who are others that have been in lots of demand and not left?

well if we have as much interest in the position as advertised then put in a 10 mil buyout for the first 5 years and see who is still interested

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