Nailed It

Just wanted to say that I nailed that ‘who is going pro thread’ that was around here sometime ago…
Deeky Back.
Grimes Back.
Hinton Gone.

Yay Me!


I miss college basketball…


Isn’t the jury still out on one of those guys???

Yeah. I expect Deeky back but we don’t know yet.

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Link to Jarreau declaring he is returning???

What time did you send that out @Kyle_Be_Coogin?


Lots of folks in here predicted the same after seeing Nate’s interview.

Are you their agent? :smiling_imp:

I didn’t see his interview… Just watched almost every game for the past 10 years…


I thought Deeky was committed to returning already… Am I wrong?

Idk… Give me deets…

Deeky has yet to commit to returning officially


He used the term “probably” about him returning.

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He “probably” doesn’t know if there will be a season yet… Lol

Sampson will put the guys on the court that he thinks will do best and he has a whole lot of back court talent to choose from. There is a real possibility that Deeky would not start and that would be really detrimental to his dreams of the NBA. By the time we get into conference play, I can easily see the starting guard lineup being Sasser, Grimes, and Mills or Mark. DeJon has to think about that as well.

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Deeky gonna start… If in Houston. Especially, when Grimes disappears for a week, or two (hopefully he isn’t so timid this year).

Dejon will likely be the teams best rebounder, leader in assists, leader in steals, leader in blocks and along with Grimes be our top defender

Dejon is likely the best suited to replace hintons stats… I have a hard time seeing him not start now… he’d have to play bad to not start, and that would be more detrimental than not starting

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Yes - I agree with you Pesik.

He has the potential to fill that gap.

Hope he comes back stronger physically bc it’s going to be hand to hand combat every night for him.

Why did Nate “go pro”? Do you believe Nate will be drafted in the two rounds?

With Fabian out, DeJon will be the on court leader… assuming he comes back.

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